Monday, July 14, 2008

20 Years.........What?!?!

Twenty years. It's hard to believe even seeing it in print. How does time fly by like that? Really?! I still feel like I am in my 20s, so it's super hard to convince me that the postcard that arrived in my mailbox announcing my 20 year high school reunion was actually intended for me. Well, I guess the inclusion of my name alongside my overly eye-shadowed, senior year photo helped, but still I deny.

After a lot of back and forth, yes I will, no I won't, I finally decided that yes, I will make the leap & attend.

In a unique twist, my husband and I graduated from the same class. No, we are not high school sweethearts, rather, we hardly knew the other existed back then. My husband did remind me we sat at lunch together (amidst a group of people) for an entire year, which somehow I forgot? Seems strange now, considering I am married to the man and have borne his children.
Oh well.
In all honesty sometimes I still forget that we've had lunch together, but now it's more likely due to early-onset Alzheimer's.

Apparently that same year we "lunched", I must have asked him to sign my yearbook. Back then I had a pair of riding style boots that had a vintage-y o-ring harness type detail. Think vintage Frye with a bit of an English riding twist. Quite cool. I'd still wear them if I still had them.

Evidently my now-husband had a thing for them (but not for me). He went so far as to comment on them in my yearbook? Strange for a sixteen year who is purportedly straight, yes?!? I concur.
But, what I didn't think strange was when I read this comment aloud, courtesy of some fairly lousy penmanship: "Well, chemistry has been a great class and so has lunch, talking about your boobs and all."
Boobs?? How forward! Maybe he did notice me after all!!
Funnily enough, it was less weird to me for a teenage boy to comment on my (non-existent then & now) boobs than my boots.

So now here we are, 20 years later, together, boots, boobs and all, gearing up for our 20th reunion. Any other "Class of 88-ers" here? Would love to hear if you are going or not, or if you already went and how it was?

I am tempted to sign up as a temp banquet worker for the night so I can go, but be a fly on the wall...or maybe a disguise..bearded lady anyone?
August 30th is the big night. I'm excited one minute and filled with dread the other. :-)
Wish me luck...(in other words, please don't let me have the smallest boobs and biggest butt).

Older, yet wiser.


Rhondamum said...

What a funny story! And that picture of you in the 80's cracks me up! I was class of "86" so I can totally relate to you and we could have been mistaken as sisters!

I hope you do go to your reunion, because I just know you will have a blast. I couldn't get to my 10 or 20 and was hoping to go and see all of those people as a semi mature adult.

I hope you are doing well, and your parents. I think of you daily and really need to get an email to you! We are all hanging in there on my end!

Hope to chat soon friend!


Kai said...

Karen, you were a beauty THEN, and even MORE so NOW! Believe that! You walk right in that reunion BEARDLESS, by ALL means - LOL! - with your pretty head held HIGH! Boobs & butts? Pullleeeeze! They PALE in comparison with integrity, goodness, love, and generosity - all things you are filled with! Twenty years looks GOOD on you, my friend!

Sabii Wabii said...

You know if you bring a facinating jello recipe know will will notice the size of you butt! That what I'm going to do for mine!
aka Running with scissors

MamaGeek said...

Girl, you're hott, you're totally gonna blow 'em all away. Kudos to you for going. I just talked myself out of going to our last one.


Margerie said...

I went to our 20 year reunion 3 years ago. It was fun and some things change, some things stay the same. We laughed and laughed- all our yearbook pictures we had black eyes from all the eyeliner :)

Hope you go and have fun. You won't be thinking about boobs and butts- who cares about that anyway~

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Thank all of you lovely ladies for such kind remarks. Not to worry, I am not truly worried about my boobs or butt. If I were truly worried, I doubt I would have let either look the way they do now! ;-) It must be interesting now compared to yesteryear going to reunions with plastic surgery being so prevalent. I know of several in my class who have gone under the knife. 20 year reunions must look a lot younger nowadays than they used to! :-)

Gina said...

Oh that was wonderful! How sweet is that story! You are beautiful, then and now.