Monday, July 7, 2008

A FUN, FUN Weekend Jaunt

So we took advantage of a three day holiday weekend to take a short trip three hours down the road to our state capital, punctuating our journey with little comma rests at state parks along the way. A simple trip, but quite fun indeed. And reasonable with regard to affordability both dollar and travel time wise (keeping in mind we had two toddlers in tow).
I have lots of great photos to share but until I can carve myself out a bit more time to post them, here's a "tide me over"....

I found this sign to be rather ironic. I mean, I'm all for safety as much as the next guy, but this seemed to be a bit of overkill...and then the "have a FUN, FUN time" afterthought? Who can even think of having a fun time, much less a doubly all caps FUN, FUN time after reading this party-pooper, buzzkill of a sign?
Believe it or not, while it looks like they have covered all the bases and then some, I managed to spot a few rules they somehow managed to overlook....

1)Don't even look at the swings. Feasting your eyes on these devices of fun could cause injury (eye or otherwise).

2)Don't smile, laugh, run or play. Any of these actions is enough of a distraction to become a sure death trap.

3)Don't even think about having too much fun. Setting yourself up to be too hopeful, you're sure to just come crashing down. Better to set the bar low. (Not to mention the risk you run with all those thoughts of folly racing around your head. You're bound to give yourself an aneurysm).

But remember, have a FUN, FUN time, nonetheless!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a Happy 4th!


A Thing for Roses said...

That sign was a riot! I liked your rules too.


Margerie said...

LOL they forgot "Don't Eat the Sand" and "Don't run with Sticks"
I have uttered both back in the toddler years, still nagging about the sticks to this day......

Hope you had fun anyway!

Susan said...

I'm still nagging about sticks too, and mine are nowhere near the toddler stage. I picture myself as an old woman, yelling at my adult son, "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't run with sticks!"

laura said...

My could anyone have a good time after reading that!

I get a kick out of your L.A., but really, the real visual treat was your little someone getting in the ice cream!