Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Just wanted to hop in here for a jiffy and say, Happy Mother's Day!!!

Nothing says "I love you more than words can say, Mom" more than an ever so thoughtful, drunken sailor tattoo gotten just outside the gates of a Naval installation. So there ya go.

On a sincere note, I hope everyone is enjoying some time creating great memories with your loved ones today--
And for those who are moms, I hope you are also enjoying a little time to spend doing that which you love and which is something true to you. Being a mother is a selfless act, and as a result, we can lose our sense of self. It is very important now and again to take time to remind yourself of just who you really are, outside of mom and wife, and what you really like to do that makes you jump for joy, giddy with pangs of happiness. And while Mother's Day is about spending time with family so they can show their appreciation of you (& you in turn can marvel at your little baby birds that qualify you as an honoree this holiday), a great gift for you from them can also be the gift of time. Time to allow you to stop & think and realize and appreciate who you are right now. To reflect upon how far you've come and where you still want to head. We are constantly redefining ourselves as we grow, so a little insightful time is a wonderful thing, as it's not often busy moms get to sort of just sit and daydream a bit or dabble in that new "whatever it may be" which has been on the to do list for a while, or enjoy something we used to love pre-kids. If I could give you any gift, this would be my gift to you. And I hope that someone close to you shares this sentiment and steals my gift idea.

And just know. They wouldn't be here, nor could they do all they do, without you. You are a modern day marvel.

With love & admiration from one mom to another---

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laurie said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog...truly can't wait for Farm Chicks. Funny that you left a comment as I had visited your blog for the first time a couple of days earlier (love your title) Happy Monday!