Monday, May 26, 2008

My Dear Mom

Sorry to have disappeared. It was not my intention, but sometimes life dictates the priorities and unfortunately, doesn't rate blogging "up there". :-)
The reason for my absence? Just trying to get prepared. Prepared for Mom to head into surgery Thursday (5/29) to have a lobectomy (& perhaps more, if what they find calls for it) where they will remove the bottom half of her lung. They still don't know what they will find. Possibly an infection? Possibly a tumor (benign or malignant)? They will also check the liver and the hemidiaphragm as well as higher up on the lung as there are some additional suspicions in all of these areas that they want to rule out, or take care of, if need be. If there does prove to be a malignancy, they will go back in and re-look at the brain, as there was some activity on the PET that they were concerned with, pending the lung findings, but were not tell-tale based upon the PET alone. I am trying to stay calm and supportive, but I must say I worry.

For my part, I have been busying myself trying to get organized as much as possible, so I can be at Mom's (& my Dad's) beck and call over the next several weeks. Running errands, sitting bedside, cooking, cleaning, laundry...all that good stuff, both there and here. Dad will be there of course, but he'll need help, and I of course, want to be there doing all that I can.

Mom will be in the hospital somewhere between 5-8 days they estimate. She will be in ICU for the first day or two. This is good. She will have round the clock care for hopefully much of that first week, when it will be the toughest, I would think.

In trying to think what else I could do for Mom, I decided to ask for random acts of kindness on a couple of web forums such as to send Mom a postcard or a quick little note or card. Mom is all about the simple things and I really think mail makes her happiest. She has always collected postcards since she was a child and still pen pals via snail mail with cousins and friends, never having learned how to operate a computer, as much as I have coaxed her .
If you would like to send Mom a greeting, I am sure she will just be beside herself.
The cards will hopefully trickle in surprising her while she recovers, bringing her joy each day she recuperates. Just email me using my blogger email link and I'll send you her address.
In advance, I can't possibly thank you enough!!

To all of you who have been so sweet, kind & supportive through all of this so far, I want to send you a huge, heartfelt, very sincere thank you. Your thoughts, positive energy, well wishes, hopeful stories, experience & wisdom have proved immensely helpful. Just know that you're wonderful & I think you are the cat's meow!

My posting will probably be sporadic for a fair while, but I will try my best to post asap on Thursday post-surgery to update you on Mom's condition.

Warmest wishes, big hugs & much love to you all--


Susan said...

Thinking of you all, Karen. And I'll definitely send your mom some mail.

Elizabeth said...


We're definitely thinking of you. I am so sorry to hear this news. My wishes are for much happy news to come of all of this.

And if you send me an address, I will happily send your mom a card.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wishing all the best for your mom.
I know it must be worrisome, but try to stay "up" and positive.

Kimberly :)

Margerie said...

Will be thinking of you and your mom- hoping and wishing for the best possible results and gentle moments for you both!

When I was going thru my own medical nightmare, the worst thing for me was thinking about the pain my family and friends were going thru because of my situation. I am sure you will be strong for mom and for yourself!!

laura said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself during all of this ... OK? I'll email for the address.