Friday, May 2, 2008

My Family Magnified x 2

Us under the lens this past week-

Thursday made stuffed poblanos, this recipe from Everyday Food.

Was quite pleased with both the ease of preparation and the overall results. A nice two-fer. Two-fer? Gosh that sounds so radio station disc jockey-ish. Isn't it weird when a word comes out of you, that is not really, "you"? I guess we all get brain-washed now and again by popular culture. Things just sort of slip in to our psyches unbeknownst to us and one day just sort of creep, crawl then blog their way out.
What else?
Friday morning I did Sunday comic transfers with the kids. Confusing, I know. Maybe I should be doing Sunday comic strip crafts on Sunday. That way I could incorporate a days of the week lesson and turn this little crafty number into another two-fer. High five! Only that would make too much sense. Next thing you know I'd actually be wearing my Tuesday undies on Tuesday rather than Thursday. Then the world would explode.

And yes, I do buy (& make) shirts for my daughter. Cute ones, too! She just never wears them. In case you haven't noticed in all of our crafting sessions she is topless. Maybe in her mind she is eternally crafting on the shores of the French Riviera.

Super easy and even though toddlers may be a teensy bit young for this one, not having the brute strength required to achieve the end result, my two were still fascinated with the magical process.
Comic Strip Transfers
You'll need:
A copy of the Sunday strips in their full, glorious color
1 T dishwashing detergent & 1 T white vinegar mixed together in a plastic bowl.
A stack of printing paper (I used scrap printing paper). Here, here! Let's hear it for recycling!
a metal spoon

Have the kids dab their fingers in the vinegar mixture wetting their fingertips thoroughly and then rub the comic strip frame of their choosing getting it good and wet, but not overly saturated so that the paper is tearing or muddying. Once your little one has completely covered the frame he/she wishes to lift, place a piece of paper over the top of the comic and then rub over the moistened comic strip with the back of the spoon. You'll need to use a little bit of elbow grease. Voila! A transfered comic. Of course, having Silly Putty on hand would be great so you could show them that old trick too, and of course now, lo & behold, we have ourselves another, yes, two-fer. Gah!
Oh. Just a sidenote here. Have you ever been reading a blog and come across someone saying "wala!" or "walah!" when unveiling something? The first time I did I was stumped. I sat there for a good few seconds putting my mind around it. When I tried saying it aloud, that was when I realized what was really going on. Apparently these bloggers had only heard the word "voila", but never seen it spelled. Being that the word's origins are in France, I do have to agree that the spelling is certainly not intuitive to us Americanos.

And last but certainly not least, my Mom Update--- Good news!!! Mom had her PET scan yesterday and they did not detect cancer. Hip, hip, hooray!! I am so very thankful for this news, I can't begin to tell you. I just hope everything continues on this path. They still want to biopsy the lung mass and most likely remove it, so we are still waiting to find out more.

Coop & I will be spending a Mommy & son weekend together starting tomorrow morning as Michael & Amelia are driving out to join Matthew on a Boy Scout campout. First on the agenda for tomorrow? Blowing enormous bubbles.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!


Susan said...

Hooray about your mom! I'm so happy for you.

Chantal/cottagewoman said...

I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear this good news about your mom's health!! I've been praying... and I'll keep on praying. sounds like you're all pretty lucky to have each other and that you know how to share good times( like giant bubbles) together!

Margerie said...

Yes- what great news about your mom's scan. Hug her tight and go out and celebrate!

Cute, and yummy projects!

LAURA said...

I'm mortified. I pronounce voila with a hard V. Sigh.

At least we can be happy about your mom!

Leigh said...

I am so happy for you and your mama!

Thank you for the recipe link and the kid craft tute!

A big thank you for the undie comment, I needed that laugh!