Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Robbery...

Not to worry, I wasn't burglarized or anything. It's just that my weekend went and I didn't know it had come. A blur. A big 70's naked, streaking through my church parking lot, blur. Yes, that really happened. One Sunday my mom and I were headed to our car, along with other congregants disbanding from the 10:30 service, when lo and behold a nude man ran streaking across our parking lot and into the woods which conveniently abutted (pun intended) our parked cars. I wonder what possesses people to do such things. Streaking has just never been one of those things to grab me by the horns with the slightest bit of temptation. Maybe if my body looked like Heidi Klum's, I'd be all about it.

So what did I do this weekend in retrospect?
Well, I watched Atonement. Even though I said I wouldn't until I finally finished reading the book first. Note: I bought the book on several friends' recommendations over five years ago and never managed to get past chapter one. It wasn't the book's fault. It's that I wait too long to go to bed and then still want to read, but can't keep my eyes open. Even toothpicks can't help.
I do have a weird thing about not wanting to see any movie that I think I might want to read the book for, until I've read the book. It ruins it for me. I think it's because I have a masochistic disorder that makes me live to complain about how the movie didn't live up to the book.
And so what did I think of Atonement? Good, but make sure you are in the mood for sad. I bawled (but I am a sap).

I also made BLT pizza, not to be confused with my Cuban pizza. Yes, that is guacamole in place of sauce. It was pretty yummy. But, be sure to eat it all in one sitting. Leftovers are all wonky as you don't want to eat cold, white, anemic looking bacon the next day which makes you want to heat it, but then when you heat it, you get hot guac & warm, wilted lettuce. Not so yummy.

Super simple. Use premade pizza crust (I used Pillsbury refrigerated crust). Bake it fully. Spread on guacamole (I love to make homemade, but cheated this time and used Sam's Club premade). Sprinkle with crumbled bacon (the only thing I had to "cook"), sliced cherry tomatoes, lettuce shreds & shallots (I used red onion, as I didn't have shallots handy).

Oh and for a little too much information (and my discovery of the day), if you are sick with severe head congestion (like I was all weekend), be sure to try blowing your nose with wet wipes. Yes, wet wipes. This is one of those act of desperation things.. like being in the kids' room and having my nose start acting like a faucet with only my arm or a wet wipe to wipe it on. Who knew? The wet wipe moistened my sinuses and really was productive in helping clear all that gross congestion. And it soothed my sore nose which was all scratchy from blowing. It takes a little getting used to, as your nose expects something dry, but I swear, try it. Maybe I need to mail off my poor man's patent for "wet noses". Necessity is the mother of invention after all, right? :-) Oh, and while I am at it, wet wipes are also the best thing for lifting rug/carpet stains too! Just call me Heloise.


Becca said...

Sheesh, I feel your pain about the weekends. ALWAYS gone too fast! Your BLT pizza looks amazing. We have been wanting pizza for a few days and that looks like it would totally fit the bill.

Wet wipes: when I had the nasty whatever that has been going around, I used some leftover wet wipes we had and they are wonderful for sore nosies. Good tip!

laura said...

HA! I thought you were going to say that you were the one streaking! I know that if I looked the way I wanted to I'd start a new blog called "Glorious Me" and post nude photos all day long..I'd never leave the house or my mirror!

I know, the weekend does get stolen from us doesn't it.

Margerie said...

The attack of the weekend bandit.... And too funny about the streaker!

My dear husband has suffered from congested head for years. He recently got, on the advice of a very smart woman (wink, wink) a "nettie" pot. You mix up some warm salt water and it goes in your nose. I know it sounds horrible, and actually I have to leave the house when he does it, but it really helped!

And that pizza looks great!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I'm with ya on the lost weekends. Sometimes, I swear my calendar doesn't contain a Saturday. LOL

That pizza looks soooo good!
I love guacamole, and we make our own most times, too.
I'll have to give that one a try.

Kimberly :)

Amanda said...

That pizza looks so good, my husband would love it! :) I really liked Atonement, both the book and the movie but you're right, they were sad. I loved the characters though.

The Dyer Family said...

such a wonderful post - i really want to eat that pizza, and i am so appreciative for the wipes advice. i've done it once or twice in a pinch, but not enough to see positive long term effects. and, boy, do i need the help.
i am with you on atonement - okay. i never intended to read the book, but now i really want to. i thought that the story was very well crafted. i'm curious about the book, now. however, the love scene against the book shelves was not all it was cracked up to be....have a great weekend. i hope this one doesn't fly nearly as quickly as the last.