Saturday, April 12, 2008


I don't mean to jump the gun, but I'm worried and sad, and I need to get it out.
My mother received the results from a CAT scan yesterday and was told she has a tumor in her lungs and several spots on her liver. She has not been diagnosed further and the next step is actually awaiting another scan, as the operator apparently misread the physician's instructions to do a full body and only completed an upper body read.
I am worried. Terribly worried. I am trying to be hopeful and think positively, but my fear is overwhelming me. My mom is 63 and has never really lived life yet. She has always been much too frugal and careful to enjoy life as she should and has never realized most of her dreams, despite my constant encouragement for her to do so. (I am an only child). I am hoping & praying that the findings prove benign and that this simply becomes the wakeup call to spur her on to go out and do all that she has always wished to do. I would like to ask a favor of you, that you please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to post here as more information becomes available. I appreciate your taking the time to read this and send advance thanks for all your kind thoughts, helpful prayers and heartfelt wishes.


Susan said...

Karen, both you and your mom will be in my thoughts. Sending you strength and good wishes.

Margins. said...

I randomly found your blog through someone's blog list and I'm glad that I did.

I'll keep your mother in my prayers. I'll keep you in my prayers as well as I know that this must be a hard time that you are facing.

Stay strong.

laura said...

I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts...It's touching that you have wanted her to live more for herself...hopefully, no matter what the results are, she will take your advice.

Kai said...

STAY POSITIVE, KAREN! Trust me when I tell you that (1) things which SEEM bleak, are often NOT, and (2) Mind over matter really CAN work miracles! I won't take up space on your blog explaining that, but I truly know that positive thinking, actively being joyful, and sheer will to be WELL all go a LONG way! My thoughts & prayers are with you & your mom! And I'm sending you special hugs!

Rosa said...

Hi Karen,
I'm sending positive thoughts your way, and I'll keep you and your mom in my prayers.

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

Karen, both you and your mom will be in my thoughts. Hope it is just benign. I lost my mom due to ovarian cancer last 6 years and it was already way too late when we found out. No matter what the results are just stay strong and positive coz' she needed the most supports from you eventhough you feel like breaking down and overwhelmed with sadness.

Stay strong. She needs you as her pillar of strength.

The Rozell Family said...

i started my own swap today! check out my blog and sign up if you wish. Did you receive your bird yet?

Jackie said...

Will absolutely pray for you and your mother. I'm so sorry about this.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Karen,
I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's health scare.
I will definitely keep her (and you) in my thoughts and prayers.

Stay positive. Sending wishes for a good report.

And thank you so much for your generous offer! You're so sweet!
That green print is so pretty, but
you have enough to deal with right now.
When things calm down, we'll talk. (wink) LOL

Take care.
Kimberly :)

Gail :) said...

Oh I am sorry you have this worry. Your family will be in my prayer.

love of yellow roses said...

you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers. i was amazed at the strength I found in myself when my mom had her stroke. i am sure you will be finding that same strength.