Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A thank you, a teenager & some vintage dolls

Thank you to everyone who popped by and offered your wonderful words of encouragement and support. I can't tell you enough how much your kindness means to me. My mom goes for her second CAT today. I will update once results are in. Thinking positive thoughts.

And on a positive, celebratorial note, my oldest, Matthew, became a teenager today. I can't believe it. 13. Thirteen. Thir-teen. Emphasis on the teen. I am still in desperate search of the Nintendo Wii he is coveting. He didn't ultimately make up his mind on the Wii vs. the Playstation 3 until this past Friday evening, so seeing that I couldn't afford both (we're talking $800 + for just the basic game systems), I was laying in wait for him to decide, so I could go out and buy one. Little did I know that the Wii would still be sold out everywhere known to mankind. I knew this had been the case initially, but hadn't kept up with the fact that they still cannot produce enough of this item. Really. I am baffled. How does this happen in today's day & age? Aren't you a bit curious that this isn't some economic/marketing ploy tampering with the whole supply/demand concept? Suspect, at the very least. So my brilliant idea of just popping into a store and paying retail, is clearly not going to happen. Now my poor child will be getting a raincheck while I wait & try to win a not obscenely priced one via ebay. Wish me luck!
His "safety gift" was a portable adjustable polycarbonate basketball goal system that will run me at least $300 & up (probably closer to $400 +), so it's a bit hard to have that for him in the meantime as a "tide me over" 'til the big gift arrives.
Wow. Kids get crazy expensive, don't they?

And last, just for fun here are some show & tell treats---
I haven't shown you many of my dolls yet, so I hope you enjoy taking a peek at my ever growing collection. The more beaten and battered, the more they tug at my heartstrings. I don't like to fix them up. I just love them as is.
p.s. Apparently they all decided to hit the sauce just before our photo session. I mean come on. Some of them are actually passed out! The least they could of done was to invite me to their little soiree. Ingrates!


Susan said...

Still keeping the good thoughts going for your mom!

Congratulations on being the mother of a teenager. I have less than 3 months to go.

Those dolls are so funny. What has that nun been up to?

modmom said...

thank you! thank you so much p&l!!!!
there is a california virtual school + i signed her up! thank you!!!!!

happy birthday to your teenager + i'm wishing health for you mother...

great dolls! what treasures :)

Rosa said...

Hi Karen,
Happy 13th birthday to your son! May his teenage years be easy ones!!
I love the apron on your banner, very pretty!
You have a great doll collection, that Kewpie doll is adorable!
Have a great day,

Margerie said...

Hoping your mom's scan goes well today and that it reads b9 all the way. I call the test trauma "scanxiety" because it really sucks!

Those dolls are too funny. What a motley crew you have there. And good luck with your teen. I have a ways to go, but I am sure it will be here in no time.