Tuesday, April 1, 2008

50th Post Vintage Goodies Bloggy Giveaway

This is my 50th post, and while I thought it would be written last Friday, life has its tendency to keep on going and not slow down just to be blogged about.

In celebration of this 50th post, I would like to host a giveaway--

Here's what I have up for grabs:

This vintage apron (would be so cute as a curtain too!)--

To be joined by this vintage cookbook--

And 1 yard of this vintage fabric--

Now, how do you get to having these things whisked away by the postman to arrive at your door?
It's simple. Just leave a comment here telling me the funniest thing your child (or any child you know) has ever said. That's it. I'll draw one winning name exactly one week from today. I will contact the winner directly so be sure to leave me a link to reach you via your blog or an email address. I will also announce the winner here on my blog next Tuesday too. Good luck and can't wait to hear your stories!!

Also, while I have your attention may I share my new favorite shoes with you?
Target...by Issac Mizrahi. Comfy, cute and only $27.99- Be still my heart!


Tabitha said...

how adorable is that apron. I found your blog thru gypsy mermaid.
something funny my son said would be, when we went to the dr to find out what baby number 4 was going to be and he dr's name so happen to be dr christmas, anyhow we were told that the baby is a boy. the dr asked jack what will you name him, he said well let's see your name is chistmas so why not Ornament?? of course we all started o laugh. thanks for leting me share...

sbonetsue said...

My daughter, now almost 30, has gorgeous blue eyes. When she was little we would tell she had Paul Newman eyes. One day a stranger asked her where she got her pretty eyes and she said very matter of factly "Paul Newman".
I wish!

Rosa said...

Hi Karen,
Love the apron, love the cookbook, above all, I love how you came up with a fun way to give them away...Just today, my friend, my 3 y/o and I were at a diner. When it was time to leave, my son takes the money for the tip from the table, a waitress(not ours) passes by and he says "Here...this for you". She couldn't help but laugh. Kids are so funny!
Take care,

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

I was thinking one lucky winner would take all...but if you don't want any of the things for whatever reason (No worries!! I won't be offended in the slightest):-), then I suppose I can do a runner-up drawing. What do you gals think?

Susan said...

Hi Karen. Congratulations on your 50th post!

When my daughter (now 10) was about 2 or 3, she and I were having a bath together. As I climbed out of the tub, she started to laugh. I asked what was so funny. She said, "It's your bum, Mommy. It's SO big!"

I'd be happy with no prize, one prize, or whatever. I just like reading these stories!

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Thank you everyone!!
Oh, I forgot to share my story--
My oldest son is an athlete and always has a ball in hand. Ok. That didn't come out right, now did it?
Well, the other day he apparently was hiding a football in his shirt from my youngest two babes. I had forgotten all about it until later that night my two year old son came up and began grabbing my chest and really squeezing my boobs, pulling & tugging. This seemed like very odd behavior so I began asking him "what are you doing". His reply? "football". He thought my boobs were a football tucked under my shirt. Imagine. Never in my wildest dreams have my "barely B's" been mistaken for something as large and bulbous as a football. Frankly, I was flattered. :-)
When I gave in to his insistence and resorted to giving him the obligatory Mardi Gras flash (with brassiere on, thank you), he quickly realized what was really under my shirt was of absolutely no interest to him. And to think I nourished that little rugrat not so long ago using my "football". :-)
I'm enjoying the stories!! Keep 'em coming!!

Little Miss Crafty said...

Hi, revelation.. It's amazing to me to find people who like the same type of art or creation as me I really did think it was just me for quite a long time and that no one understood ! I'm still thrown now when people leave a comment about my work !

Juliet :)

Margerie said...

Love the shoes and the vintage stuff!

I have a beyond-funny-practically-all-the-time 4 year old daughter. A longer story is on my blog that is quite hilarious. A post titled "Ballet, Girls and Balls." And we are not talking footballs LOL.

But a quick short one: my dear daughter age 2 and I were walking around Kmart getting dogfood, etc. I kind of muttered "I am trying to think...do we need anything else?" My dear daughter piped up and said "Yes mom! I need a purple boob holder and a cellphone!!" The little old ladies in aisle five got a good laugh out of that one.

Kai said...

Oh, those shoes are to DIE for! His clothing AND his bedding are so awesome AND affordable!
I'd LOVE that gorgeous giveaway, so here goes & I'm SO glad my daughter has no way of seeing that her mom is telling this. I taught at the same elementary school my daughter attended. On visitors day when she was in second grade, I was in my classroom with parents & my students when a HUGE burst of laughter came from next door - my daughter's classroom. Later that day several people smirked at me as I passed in the hall. Turns out my daughter's teacher had read a story about a little boy who was jealous because his mom was going to have a new baby. She asked the class how THEY would feel if THEIR moms were going to have a new baby. My daughter - as talkative as her mom - raised her hand & answered, "Oh, I don't have to worry about THAT. My dad took our cat to be spayed last week and I'm pretty sure he took my mom, too." Sigh.

Just Pure Lovely said...

I knew it was time for them to start taking separate baths after the evening our 2yo daughter, who was in the bath with her 4yo brother, said proudly, "I have a peepee like Mama's and T has a peepee like Daddy's!" (no, I don't know how she knew...must've seen us on the pot at some point)

Our 4yo looked quite shocked and confused. He looked down at him private, at his sister's, back at his, but didn't say anything.

Apparently he kept thinking it over. Two days after that bath, he asked, "Mama?" Long pause. "Why is B's peepee inside-out?"

Mcspannar said...

Hi Karen,

Congrats on the 50th post!

CT is not talking as such yet at 12 1/2 months. She will be a late talker because she is bilingual. It takes them longer apparently.

My story is something I did as a three year old and I DO remember saying this and hushed audience that it was received with... Donnie (aka mum) took me to a Catholic service (can't remember when exactly) but during a good Catholic service there are lots of quiet moments. I remember looking at Donnie and comparing her to the other women in the church and declared (very loudly), "Mummy you have big boobies!" The reaction was immediate. We were at the back of the church, the majority of the congregation turned around. I was unceremoniously dragged to my feet and frog marched home (in the small town we were in it was across the road). Without a word I was past to Happy (the atheist) was bundled out of my coat and all this while I kept piping out "Mummy's got big boobies". Happy told me to be quiet in the if you know what is good for you tone. It was the last time either of us set foot in that church again.

Hope that made your day.

Oh and on Tabitha's note. I once met a young Miss Coconut who's mother was not so kind. She promised the other 8 in her brood that they could name the baby anything. So when Miss Coconut was born the others decided her name should be Cinderella. She called herself Cindy. I am a teacher and when I saw the poor girl's name I pretended I couldn't pronounce it to spare her the embarassment. Other teachers were not as kind and the ignorant toads insisted on calling the poor lamb Cinderella...

mary k said...

As a child my family would go to an amusement park in Ohio. While watching a monkey ride a bicycle, I announced that it was a boy monkey. My teenaged uncle and his friends got a great laugh and asked how I knew it was a boy. I replied that it was riding a boy's bike1nv

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Target- our fav. fun shoe place too.

Becca said...

Well, looky who I found! We corresponded for a while on myspace, before it started killing my computer. Please don't sign me up for your giveaway--unless you want me to send you a vintage apron, yard of fabric and vintage cookbook as well!

Alisha said...

Hi there:) Found your site through Liz @ Mommy Cooks...

one of my fav funnies said by my little boy:

We were at the Christmas parade when he was 3 years old. The pretty "Santa-ettes" made their stop in front of us...you know them...they are girl Santa's with the cute SHORT SHORT skirts, low cut shirts, and santa hats on?

My son sat in his stroller watching them in A*W*E! His mouth was literally open:) Alas, the "Santa-Ettes" had to start walking again...and as soon as they were out of his line of vision, my boy looked up at me and started crying...."I WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN!!! MAKE THEM COME BACK!!!" he was tugging on my skirt and bawling his little eyes out!!

He got a good laugh out of everyone who was sitting around us, and naturally my husband was all puffed up and proud over the obvious male comment of our little boy:) hehe

laura said...

My nephew is five and was raised in the Philippines...he recently moved to the states and is just amazed at how big American people are in general (me included of course!).

He's not at all judgmental, just very much in awe and last Thanksgiving he unintentionally hurt everyone's feelings...First he said to my father-in law who is large and has the "stomach under and over the belt" action going on.."Wayne, you have two stomachs, so you get to eat two pieces of pie!"

Then to my mother, who's cleavage grows as her weight does.."Grandma, you have a big cut on your chest, are you OK?"...

Then to me, "Tita Laura, how come you don't have a lap?" (my stomach is in the way and I have short legs)

Then to my husband "Tito Mark, you have a big nose, does that mean you can smell better than me?"

Agahahaahaaha! We knew he totally was impressed by our large parts and wasn't being mean, but all of us felt a little wounded!!!

Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I just found your blog, and am really enjoying reading all your old posts. (congrats on number 50 and more, by the way) I know the contest is over but I wanted to share my story anyway. A friend of mine was visiting my home one afternoon with her 3yo daughter. As I began to nurse my newborn, her mother explained to the little girl that I was feeding the baby some milk. The little girl looked at me, obviously thinking very hard about this, and asked "What do you have in the other one, juice?" I love all the vintage goodies on your blog and will definitely keep coming back.