Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Cleaning brings Show & Tell Fever

I have turned into a purging banshee. On a roll. No stopping me now. Another carload to the Goodwill today. Many great, good things come out of this, and one unfortunate one. From the looks of it, I have greatly reduced my chances of starring on Oprah's sequel to her 2 day hoarding extravaganza she hosted last year. That's ok though. I would much rather be on a makeover episode anyway.

As I clean out, I find fun things I want to share with my bloggy friends.
I am still learning to use my new camera. My indoor photography plain sucks. I hate flash, but haven't mastered the various settings to get the right look without everything being so grainy.
Please accept my apologies and know that I vow to get better, for me & for you.

I love all things embroidered, but have a particular affinity for the wonderful creations that I inherited from my great aunts on my father's side. Aunt Vivian & Aunt Ferol were sister spinsters (great blog or band name by the way), that were always making something. Something good! They lived together all their lives and had interesting ways of going about not unnerving one another by say, splitting the burners up on their stove so it was clear whose was whose. They also wore curlers with hair bonnets over them (in public) and rolled their knee high pantyhose down to their ankles to be worn as socks with their "Grasshoppers" by Keds. I am ashamed to say this embarrassed me as a teenager when we would go to the mall. I am also ashamed to say it would probably still embarrass me now. Come to think of it, they were probably equally as embarrassed of my 80's mile high bangs, horrible perm & ridiculous this..

(current inside out, green striped shirt of mine used for scale)

And rightfully so. Can you believe my mom brought that over to me the other day? She still had it in the bottom of a bureau drawer. She thought I might want it. God bless her. Sure. Let me just pull it right on and let's see....hmmm..maybe a gigantic belt bigger than my torso, voila! I'm ready for that PTA meeting. Or maybe my husband's work picnic at his new firm. Either or.

Back to my aunts...when I would visit them as a child we would always make something fun. Tiny baby food jar terrariums stand out in my mind. Or their delicious divinity. Ummmmm! When they passed away, I was hoping I could move into their bungalow as I loved it so, and it held so many wonderful memories for me, but I was away at college, so it didn't make much sense at the time. I wish they were still with us and think of them with much love & affection often.
I hope you will enjoy their work as much as I do.
Aunt Ferol

Aunt Vivian

They didn't make this one. It's thrifted. But I like it too.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your memories, Karen. Your aunts sound like wonderful people.

That t-shirt cracks me up, especially compared to a "modern" one. Did we really wear things like that?

Philigry said...

oh my lord! that oversized shirt brings me back. Big hair, big belts, and big shirts! thanks for visiting me! I will be back to see what you are up to.

Jackie said...

I think the oven burner solution is priceless. What wonderful ladies with their own sense of style too from the sounds of it. Their embroidery is pretty phenomenal as well! And by all means I think you should wear the Psychedelic Furs to the PTA, or at least to the library or grocery store!

laura said...

Oh what gorgeous women! Your aunts are just beautiful...and the embroidery is stunning! My favorite style and I love the cheery colors...

Rosa said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you for going down memory lane with us, sounds like your aunts were quite a pair!. Great photos of them,
Their embroidery is stunning, you're very lucky to have had those aunts of yours!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the embroidery with the tree and animals.What a blessing to have memories of your aunts.Talk to you soon ,my friend.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Ah yes, I feel the need to purge the clutter at my house, too. Its a spring thing, I guess.

Your aunts sound like lovely ladies. They sure were pretty, too!

Kimberly :)

The Dyer Family said...

thank you for the congrats!! sorry i have not commented before now - our mutual friend joy turned me on to your blog, and i have been thoroughly enjoying it! seems kind of stalkerish of me to read and not say hi....
anyway - looove the needlepoint pictures. i have a lot of that around my house, too. i live in my grandmother's house, so i wrap myself in her old craft projects to keep her close to me.