Friday, April 11, 2008

Giveway Winner (It's About Time!!)

Sorry so tardy. I have been trying for over 2 days to post to no avail. I kept getting the same error message over and over. It was frustrating, as there were no apparent issues that were plaguing everyone on the whole, according to blogger announcements. But I did take comfort in that there were some other "woe is me" poor souls I found through outside message boards.
So, I am FINALLY able to post my 50th post bloggy giveaway winner and it is Margerie!!
Congratulations, Margerie!

Thank you to everyone who commented. All of your stories were so funny. Really!! You had me in stitches. The things that come out of babes' mouths. :-)
While I was waiting in blogger limbo, I decided to get my etsy shop back up and running. You can check it out here, if you are interested. Right now I have almost all vintage & very few handmade things listed as I am trying to purge first so I get to gettin' crafty next! A bit of ebb and flow.
When shooting my vintage patterns to list on etsy (I still have about a hundred more to list), I loved capturing some of the details of these wonderfully illustrated ladies so representative of their era.

I have one pattern in particular that got me thinking alot. It is a really groovy 60s hip hugging halter outfit shown worn with a scarf swathed about the head.

The pattern is stamped with the former owner's name and address which sounds so very glamorous: "Venetian Way Rivo Alto Island Miami Beach, FL". The pattern was printed in 1969. Can't you see this fabulous woman entertaining in the late 60's with a Pucci printed rendition of the center number, complete with scarf of course, poolside at her gorgeous & very tony waterfront property?
I wondered how the pattern got up here to the thrift shop I found it at, 12 hours north of Miami Beach. I hoped it wasn't sold as part of an estate and that Mrs. Smith is still alive and well, maybe no longer wearing hip huggers, but still quite fashionable, nonetheless. It's funny how a tiny remnant of someone can escape them and give you a glimpse of their life at a certain point in time. The stories draw me in. I like finding lots of old family photos and trying to piece together who's who and their relationships, sort of adopting them, as if they are my own family. Or hearing the past of handmade creations that I come upon at yard sales. When I thrift or buy handmade, I realize I take ownership of the history, along with the possession, obliged to pass these tales along so that the storied history never reaches its end.


Margerie said...

Wooohooo! I am so happy! Thank you Karen! I am especially excited by that fabulous apron!

I found I own a singer sewing book from 1957 and the cookbook will be a good friend. I think I can make pillows with that vintage fabric, with maybe a cute fringe.

Just curious- my mother has dressers full of vintage fabric and patterns at her home. Does anyone want them? LOL- she had more fun buying the stuff and no time to make anything. Next time I am there I will get some pictures. I don't think she is going to be making any hiphuggers either and she maybe reforming her packrat ways and be ready to part with it.

Thanks again- my first bloggy win!

Susan said...

Yeah, Margerie! Congratulations!

Karen, I know what you mean about the history of old or handmade things. I wonder about those things, too. I have a set of old postcards that a woman wrote to her mother and I wonder what their family was like.