Sunday, April 6, 2008

Darling Dollhouses & What To Do With Just One Glove

We like to go on outings and play outdoors as much as possible. Busy beavers. Hustle bustle. That sort of thing. With it being spring break, we were extra on the go and tried to mix it up a bit, but still relied upon some of our old standbys. It was at one of our regular haunts, a state historic museum which has a 3rd floor hands on children's discovery exhibit, replete with galleon, trading post, fortress etc. we encountered what appeared to be the rest of our town, also on spring break. After getting swiped with a straw broom or nudged with a toy musket one too many times, we decided to head downstairs to the permanent collections and touring exhibits.
And I am so glad we did. The first collection was of miniatures!! Oh, I how I love wee things! And my heart skipped a beat when I saw one of my dollhouses there on display. Well, not the actual one I owned, but the exact same model. My mother kept nearly everything I owned as a child, but for some reason (I think rust, maybe?), she got rid of the dollhouse. :-( I saw one just like it one time at an antiques shop in south Alabama. The dealer wanted $50 for it, which I felt was too much, so it was a treat to be reunited with it and to have camera in hand to capture the image of this emblematic part of my childhood.
So here I present, my house, in all its nostalgic glory and some of the others as well..sorry the photos aren't great. I'm still not great with indoor photography shooting through plexiglass.

My little humble abode circa 1974 or so?

Then, as if that wasn't fun enough to find, we went just across the hall and found this wonderful display. 3 huge art installations of single, found gloves. I so want to collect these myself and make a similar piece for my bedroom, I think. Or maybe it should be more focal, as it is good conversationally and just really nice to admire. The more you look, the more you are able to pick out individual gloves, then see tiny details of those gloves to ooh and aah about, then compare and contrast.."I like the lines of this glove but with that fabric and those buttons. Oooh! Perfect!". So, anyone have any lonely gloves out there? Seriously! :-) Email me. I'll give them a good home. Promise.


Becca said...

I had that first dollhouse as well. I saw one in a dealer's booth as well and they wanted a lot of money because they thought it was from the '50s!

Rosa said...

Hi Karen,
I love dollhouses too. I didn't have one as a child, but bought a kit to work on with my daughter, but guess what?... my hubby ended up putting it together with her. I'll help her with decorating it, my favorite part.
That's a great glove collection, definitely a conversation piece. What types of gloves are you looking for? Let me know, in case I have anything you're looking for...
Take care,

Scrappy Jessi said...

i love all thos vintage doll houses!
wow, just fabulous!!1

Camille Minichino said...

What a wonderful house! Who doesn't love models? Thanks for sharing the great photos.
My love of miniatures has spilled over into mystery novels .. I write a series in which the protagonist/sleuth is a miniaturist. Lots of fun.

Margaret Grace
"Murder in Miniature"
released 2/08 from Berkley Prime Crime

Susan said...

What a great discovery!

I love the gloves. I've always wondered about the shoes I seem to see by the side of the road wherever I go. How did they get there? Where are the other ones? Are people walking around without their shoes?

I'm sure I can find some lonely gloves around here for you.

Lola Enchanted said...

I love the doll house!~ The gloves are very unique! Unique is blissful!!!~

barbara said...

Oh, I love that dollhouse! The dollhouse my dad made me was my favorite toy growing up. What a great time I had playing with it! Looks like a really fun field trip!

eydie said...

interesting glove display....I could easily do the same with socks. I usually have a basketfull of "one" sock......I have resorted to wearing them not