Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cuban Pizza

The other night we craved pizza. Homemade pizza. But we had some ingredients we needed to use up so I decided a twist was in store.
We love cuban sandwiches and make them quite often. I don't have a real press, but we make do, and they're still delicious.
So with the ingredients in mind, I decided to try to translate the sandwich to pizza.

First I made the crust. I actually cheated when I realized I had a can of Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Dough on hand. I pulled and stretched it out to make a rectangular crust. I apparently did this mindlessly and was inspired by the shape of the cookie sheet. I guess if I had been working with a round pizza pan it would have turned out round. I get to thinking about other things while I cook, as it's a little zen-like for me, so I sort of zone out & find that I just follow the shapes and forms in front of me. You pre-bake the crust according to the package.

I took dijon mustard and mixed with a little olive oil. When the crust was finished pre-baking I brushed this mixture on.
I then added shaved ham, roast pork and topped with a mixture of shredded provolone and baby swiss (as that is what I had on hand). I finished baking the crust according to the instructions and about 2 minutes before it was due to be pulled out, I topped with coarsely chopped dill pickles. Then I let it cook for the remaining time.

The end result? Delicious!! (If I say so myself).
Try it sometime!!

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love of yellow roses said...

mmm...looks yummy! I love homemade pizza.

Rosa said...

That pizza looks delicious, hey,
maybe you should summit your recipe to Martha's Everyday Food!

Anonymous said...

that's the way I like to cook: create my own versions. I make homemade pizza with a fair amount of frequency (about once a month). I don't think I've made the same version more than once :-)

So wonderful to see you creating with your meals! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

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It is called Enchanted!


CelticMommy said...

I wondered what that was on the Flickr picture! I think we'll have to try something similar... though here it would more likely be a Mexican than Cuban pizza.

Isn't it fun to just zone out and come up with your own unique food concoction?! The trick is repeating it. :-) ~Hettie (from Flickr)