Friday, March 14, 2008

Thrift Addicts

I really tried to be good. I did. I did. I went for what seems like months without setting foot into a thrift shop, all in the hopes of paring down.The thought was, if I wasn't bringing anything else home, and I was taking stuff out of the house, either by selling or donating, I would achieve a harmonious balance in due time. Or so one would think. Then the stores starting calling to me and I got jones-ing for it in such a way that my body just started reflexively steering right into the parking lot of Super Thrift or St. Vincent de Paul. I couldn't help myself. Anyone out there with this syndrome? Maybe we could form a support group? "Thrift Addicts" sound good?

So here are some of my most recent "had-to-bring-homes":

I am in love with this apron. If I weren't already married, I would take this little darlin' down to the courthouse and elope. That's how much I love it. If you ever can get over to my house and let me cook for you (& I hope you can), this is what I will be wearing (well, not just this, let's hope!!) :-)

I couldn't believe I found this. Not an hour before, I had purchased a new electronic Dymo labelmaker on amazon using a gift certificate I earned from participating in a bathroom market research study. Yes. Funny, I know. As I was buying it in my attempt to magically become "Miss Organization", I thought, "Gosh. I wonder if my mom has my old plastic turnwheel & emboss on plastic tape variety that we used to have when I was a kid?"--- You know the sort. The one you would use to write goofy things like: "KEEP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!" for your bedroom door, which in my case was extra silly, being that I was an only child. You really need a sibling to antagonize with an alarmist message like that. Anyhow, I started thinking how I would love to have it for crafting and how it might be fun for Amelia to play with & learn letters at the same time. Dual-purpose, you know? Then lo & behold I go thrifting and voila, I find the Mac Daddy professional strength version of what I had been daydreaming about. Fate, I tell you. It works in mysterious ways!

Champage, anyone? No? Well, what if it's filled with DIAMONDS? GIGANTIC DIAMONDS!! Ooh la la!! I got two of these and am thinking they are cute for frou frou on my vanity and will serve double duty as fun fanfare for a New Year's Eve party decor. Aren't they over the top?

How cute are these embroidery yarns and strapped to their adorable vintage card to boot? I love this little kit. And I love this up close and personal photo of the wooly detail even more.

A girl can never have too many handkerchiefs. Well, I guess she can, as in today's day and age even one is probably too many, but not for me. I am apparently trying to amass the world's largest hankie collection. I just didn't realize it until I added this new stack to my existing pile (which I will regale you with soon). Beware a vintage, cottony, floral avalanche!

Hope you will share some of your thrifty finds with me soon too!


jillian said...

Oh my gosh, I love that apron!!! I'm just out blog "surfin" today and have been clicking away, so I don't even remember where I linked from, but you have a great eye for thrift store finds!! If some people only knew how much of the stuff in my house is from the local thrift store, eeek!! Yes, I'm an addict too!! hee hee!

Miss Sandy said...

That apron is gorgeous!

I hopped over to invite you to a blog event I am hosting on Thursday, March 20, 2008, An Easter Parade, in celebration of the first official day of Spring and Easter. A give away will be held in conjunction with the event. For full details, see my blog post. I hope to see you there!

Elizabeth said...


Jahna sent me the link to your blog - with a warning that it would make me feel like a lazy slacker.

She was right!

Beautiful photos. Please tell me your house is filthy because you spend all day art directing your blog and neglecting your kids. Please?