Thursday, March 13, 2008

Swaps, Glorious Swaps

I wanted to devote this post to sharing some of the wonderful swap gifts that have recently been bestowed upon me. I am in heaven, sheer heaven, I tell you!

First (these are in order of receipt), I received the delightful Mother Goose swap package that Elizabeth sent my way. Look, look!!
Of course being the nerd I am, I even had to photograph the boxes they came in. That's part of the fun too, right? Elizabeth has adorable shipping labels.

I first unpacked these darling handmade tags. Too cute!!

Then, there was this cute, cute, cute little button emblazoned box. My craggy looking hand does nothing for the picture. Sorry about that. I guess you now know not to call me for your hand modeling needs.

And this handmade journal.....

And here is everything altogether. Thank you, Elizabeth!! I love it all and promise to get your package out to you soon!!

The next day another box appeared on my step. This one was from Lori, for our Easter Chicks swap. Again, starting with my box...

And to think, I would have been just fine if there had just been waffles (this is the side of the box Lori sent to me) , but oh no, there was much more goodness than just waffles within!!

This sweet basket produced sweet treats, a cute as a button towel, a pouch full of sweet angels and a handmade garland that I at first pulled out backwards and was trying to assimilate..."let's see here, hmmm...does it spell my name? G. N. I.....Hmmmm. No, not my name. Well, maybe it's an acronym." Then, finally I realized I was holding it backwards once I got it all unfurled and found it said SPRING!! Duh! Sometimes my bulb is not all the way lit. :-)

Look how cute it is hanging from my hoosier- I love it!!!!

After I unwrapped everything I found these oh so charming paintings inside my packing materials! How cute is that? I'm all about the details. :-)

Thank you, Lori!! Pure delight!! And, again, your package will be headed your way soon. Promise!

Hope you find some springtime goodies in your post too!!

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