Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way....

Easter's just around the corner. Are you ready?
We've been Easter egg hunting three times now. In fact the kids have taken it to be so much a part of their routine, that they come to expect it daily. So, off we go into the backyard to hide eggs each day. I wonder how long it will take them to break this habit? Will they eventually tire of it? One can only hope.
Actually the best part is when Amelia wants to hide the eggs for me to find. She insists I don't look (which is ironic as she is the queen of peeking), then she hides them. Quite well, actually. But as soon as I get to looking she escorts me around pointing them all out and picking them up for me before I even get to them. Sort of takes the fun out of it, huh?
And even at 37, I still like a good treasure hunt, as I am an eternal seeker by nature. That's what we grown-ups have thrift stores for, right? The way I see it, thrifting is our adult daily Easter egg hunt. Only with less candy.

Yes. I bake in that pan. Please don't be frightened. It's just baked on goodness, I swear. And I promise that people who eat things that come out of this pan do live to tell about it afterwards.

Easter Egg Hunt #2- And, yes. Here is my daughter wearing the same (Gasp!!) Easter themed bunny dress. I do like getting my money's worth out of frivolous purchases, but seeing that I got this at consignment for only $10, I guess I could let her wear something else. Especially now that she's worn it all three times to all three Easter Egg Hunts. I mean what if the baby tabloids get hold of this? I don't want her name to be mud. :-)


Anonymous said...

Very cute! We've got the same stream of egg hunts going on around here. And I love your pan! ;)

Rosa said...

The cupcakes look great!.Your little girl looks darling in the dress!!
Keep hunting for those eggs!!!
Take care,

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

Hi! Karen,
Nice Blog you have here. I would love to link your blog to mine so that I could always come back and read it.

Nana aka Caffelatte
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia