Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sweet Little Birds & Their Crunchy Nests

When you wake to the sound of birds chirping, you get inspired to serve your kids breakfast that looks like this:

Actually another inspiring factor was having received a free trial box of Fiber One cereal in the mail that I didn't think anyone would eat in a normal fashion. Michael of course had to burst my bubble by letting me know it looked like I had served the kids up a big plate of worms. That's when I realized that to me it actually looked more like dog food. I hope you can see past this and only notice the initial cuteness that I & the kids originally appreciated.

Also speaking of birds, I would like to remind everyone that I have extended the deadline for the "sweet little birds swap" I am hosting. You may sign up until Tuesday, March 25th. I have also extended the mail by deadline as a result to April 16th: Please email me if you'd like to be added to the swap-
And, if you haven't done so already, please email me your name & full mailing address & email address along with your blog name & url at your earliest convenience.
You can reach me at:
popsiclesandlollipopsatgmaildotcom (of course just sub in the @ & the . instead of spelling it out)


Rosa said...

I bet the kids got a kick out of it. That's the way to make a meal look appealing...way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got your postcard and am just dropping by to say hello.

Cute site! Your kids are really adorable. I love kids (though I'll wait a few years to have my own, I think, haha). How old are they?

The spring bird breakfast is something I know I would've LOVED as a kid. (Heck, I'd love it even now.) Your kids are lucky to have such a playful mom.


Gail :) said...

Okay I just found your blog (adorable) and I have to comment on the fiber one cereal. I like mine with raisins and milk, but my first reaction was that it looked like fish poop! LOL and somehow I still ate it! I found your birdy plates and nests adorable!