Monday, March 3, 2008

Complicated Simplicity

Earlier last month I participated in Scent of Water's Simplicity themed photo swap.
We were to send a single photo to our swap partner. I failed on that part of the task due to my chronic fickleness. I sent five. Hope I didn't swamp my partner with overkill. I also hope she likes her photos. Here are the five I selected:
Dinner plates resting, waiting to be used in my vintage china rack.
The hues are a favorite palette of mine.

Vintage random block shapes including wine bottles & goblets. I love rummaging through these.
The forms are always nice inspiration. Just sitting in their basket all askew they remind me a tiny bit of a Louise Nevelson work.

Detail of an old basket I got in Quechee, VT while on my honeymoon.
I love the "patina" I am calling it, of the nails. Weaving is wonderful!

Detail of plump, delicate, gnome garden succulents. I love what looks to be hairy leggy outgrowths, but is actually just moss tucked in mulch-like, mostly for looks.
Simple little doo dads & odds ends. Junk, really.
This is a little box I throw all my found objects, broken jewelry, random game pieces, bits and baubles into. It is an inspiration in & of itself to me. While this photo looks a little too convoluted to be representative of simplicity, I thought it fit perfectly as to me it shows how the simplest of things can sometimes provide the biggest pleasures.

I've been wanting to post the wonderful ones I received from my partner, Lindsey too. But in order to do them justice, I wanted to scan them, and my scanner is temporarily on the blink, so I'll do that as soon as I can...they are quite lovely and have a revered spot on my inspiration board.

Wishing you much joy in the simple things.


Susan said...

Great photos, Karen!

Jade said...

What great pictures! I love all of the textures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen - lovely photos! I enjoyed looking through your entries! Your letter arrived today, so I just had to check out your blog!

All the best,

Gisela from Germany

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

Love the photos - especially of the junk box, it's right up my alley!