Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Soiree Collage Swap- - Finished Work

I am participating in Danielle's Spring Soiree Collage Swap of The Vintage Dragonfly.
I finished up and got mine in the mail this week. Here is a little sneak peek...

I actually photographed it with different "backdrops". These two, laying on my shabby chic adirondack chair and on top of an old French textbook, the same one that I cut from the glossary of to get the word spring from (at the center bottom of the collage) were my favorites. Don't worry. I have been culling from this book for other projects too. I have four or five French textbooks, so I didn't see much harm in cutting up one. The first time I cut into this book was to make Michael our first wedding anniversary card. Now that's a good cause, right? Plus isn't it interesting to have a book on hand that you are using as ephemera and each time you use it be reminded of the projects that came before? It creates its own sentimentality as a collective whole this way, even though the book itself doesn't possess sentimental value standing alone.

A little about my collage. The paper doll is June Allyson from back in the day. Her dress is concocted of a pink daisy that I cut from vintage fabric (and glitterized) and a pale blue cupcake liner folded and cut to give the illusion of a pleated skirt with a crinoline. The flowers are from a vintage notecard and from a favorite seed catalog. June is actually portraying Mary Mary (of Quite Contrary fame) so she is wearing a pearl necklace with a silver M charm. The sparkle beaded stems (look like glass, but are plastic) are from a Xmas gift embellishment/garnish that I saved from several Christmases ago knowing I would re-purpose it. The background is Target gift wrap (very thick) with a vintage blue bumblebee repeat (it looks very Martha Stewart-y to me). Because of the high quality and thickness of the gift wrap (and my fondness of the design of course) I bought lots of rolls way back when and used them to line my kitchen cupboards. I love seeing it everyday. At the bottom is baby blue pom-pom trim (I wish I'd had smaller scale trim, but I didn't). And then as I mentioned the bit of ephemera reads Spring and then translates it to French.

I do so hope that my partner likes her collage and I can't wait to see the collage I am lucky enough to receive. Of course once it arrives, I will be sure to post it here!


Susan said...

Karen, this is so sweet! And I love how you describe where each bit came from.

Scrappy Jessi said...

oohh yours turned out gorgeous!!
i love all the vintage shabbiness of it!
love it!

Stephanie said...

I have enjoyed poking around here....the vintage books, recipes...sweet kids.