Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Week in Review

Feels like old times. Yes, it's been too long. Sickness really drags you down with it. Doesn't it? We've all been snorting, coughing, wheezing, moaning & groaning over the last week. I'm happy to announce that I think we're finally done.
I started many a good post, but then nixed one after another as not being post-worthy. Even my sick mind knew better. Finally I realized I was running the risk of never posting again, so I threw in the towel and decided to no longer be my own harshest critic. So there.
In order to play catch up, real quick like, here's a past week collective-
We made our favorite go-to coleslaw. Several (actually wayyyy too many) times. That's what happens when you buy in bulk and refuse to let perfectly good slaw mix go to waste. I originally bought it for a delicious creamy slaw to top pulled pork sandwiches with, but while the pulled pork ran out, the GINORMOUS bag of slaw did not. Actually it seemed to be reforming as quickly as we ate it. Kind of like something out of a not-very-scary horror movie. The same thing happens with the field greens from Sam's Club. What's up with that? Just look at what too many field greens did to this toy giraffe. I found him out in the yard clearly having eaten himself into a coma.

I am sure there are umpteen million recipes for Asian Slaw out there, but I don't really use one. Several years ago I really liked the version at a neighborhood restaurant, so I came home and tried to mimic it and this is what I came up with- Now it's legendary...(in my own mind).

Asian Coleslaw
1 lb bag slaw mix (with carrots & red cabbage, thank you very much)
1 bunch scallions
1 package any flavor of ramen noodle soup (flavor doesn't matter as you'll discard the deliciousness of msg also know as the seasoning packet)
Dark sesame oil 1 T
Vegetable oil 1/8 c
Sesame seeds 1/8 c
Slivered almonds 1/4 c
Granulated sugar 2 T

Toast the sesame seeds and slivered almonds. Slice up the scallions (2 or 3) and toss into bowl with the cabbage mix. Break up the whole pack of ramen noodles into tiny pieces and toss about 2/3 of the bag in as well. Add in the toasted seeds and almonds. Next add in the sugar and oils then toss/stir to mix. I tried to label the recipe with measurements even though, I just throw everything in without measuring. You definitely want to taste as you add ingredients and add more if you feel it's needed. Or take some out if you feel it's not needed. (Easier said than done, sorry.)

When we weren't sniffling and coleslaw eating, we did take some time to enjoy Valentine's Day!!!
We gave.....
I know. I've already bored you with these before. But this is all eleven of them cuddled together for one last snuggle before they head out into the world to start their new life on their own. The moment was bittersweet. I needed three tissues and a lot of consoling.
Amelia loved making these little packets for her preschool friends. She especially liked making the Pixie Stix fairy wands and was quite miffed they were not all for her to eat once we finished.

Preschool teacher gifts. Please let it be known Miss Jessica squealed at the sight of her polka-dot headband and cotton candy Lip Smacker. Who knew? I could have thrown the rest of it right in the trash and she would have been head over heels for just $2.37. (Not that she didn't like all the rest. ):-)

And we received.....
This child has one canned look for every photo. It involves the odd squinching of the eyes and the slight gaping of the mouth. Of course the minute after I snapped this, she went back to normal which in this moment was squealing and leaping and emanating pure joy about receiving this box of delighfulness from our friends Makena, Keegan and their mommy, Jade.

Let's see. What else?

We made an unfinished scarecrow....

We acted bashful while wearing oversized hats intended for scarecrows.

We admired for probably what many would consider a very unhealthy length of time (to include photographing it) our adorable anthropomorphic sidewalk chalk before using it.

We served each other large platters of very carefully, and colorfully arranged fake food .

We stood still (kind of) and looked cute wearing aprons and oven mitts.

We made cookie crayons and admired the paper shavings as much as we did the finished cookies.
Ooooohhhh!! Pr-e-tttyyy!!!

Melted and waiting to cool.

The finished products! Don't eat. Just color.

And most importantly, we (Matthew) were elected to join the Order of the Arrow (the Boy Scout Honor Society). Congratulations to my big (almost teenage, I can't believe it) boy Matthew. We are all very proud of you!!!

So as you can see, we just had a good 'ole time in general over the past week. Hope you did too!!

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Jade said...

You are one busy woman! How on earth do you do it all??? Thanks for the fun swap partner!