Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mushroom Love

I love mushrooms. Some things tend to exist right under our noses and one day you realize just what a treasure they are. I had this same thought one day while eating a pear. The color, the speckled, mottled skin and most of all the shape simply amazed me. I love finding everyday objects that you really respond to. Finding sculptural lines in nature has always been a sort of odd hobby I have had. I never aimed to do it, it just sort of happened. It's funny how your eye gets trained for something that you never necessarily intended it to do. Not that appreciating a pear or a mushroom demonstrates this. It was just sort of a connecting thought. :-)

Well, being the mushroom lover I am, I was delighted to come across a virtual field of them casually growing in my backyard. We've had a very moist winter which has been paired by some recent warm weather which allowed them to "sprout". I guess mushrooms don't technically "sprout", but my love for them is more of an aesthetic love and less of a cultivational, authoritative interest. I tried to transfer just one tiny little mushroom into my gnome garden to join forces with the faux mushrooms, and he would have nothing of it. He quickly withered and looked like what I occasionally find in the recesses of my fridge crisper bin. However, one day, I would love to learn how to grow them. It's on my to-dos. So for now, I will continue to enjoy them in their natural environment.

(not a mushroom, but cute too!)

These are also in their natural environment (which happens to be in my house):

And lastly the fabric above lent itself so nicely to mushroom making, I kept seeing mushrooms in the repeat (and no, I hadn't taken any mushrooms, thank you.). Something about all the little bubbles is spore-like too, yes? So, sorry for the horrendous lighting, it's raining & I can't get outside to take pictures, but I thought the fabric would make great mushroom appliques:


mary ann said...

hi karen,

i love that 'shroom applique you made on the cute!!

also, i'm in danielle's spring soiree swap many will get each other's pieces?? wishing thinking, i know...but you never know what the universe (& danielle) will do, lol!

hey, thanks for visiting the blog & your sweet comments. i see you have flickr i made you a contact...too bad my current swap is already full...but maybe i will catch you on the next one?

& your little chitlins are adorable!

& yes, i wish van halen looked like they did in their hey day, lol! i saw david lee roth in a chicago airport once & he looked really worse for the wear!!!

have a great day...will be snowed in where i'm at!

mary ann :0)

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. It's almost mushroom season here (autumn).