Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sweet Little Birds Swap

Partners sent via email. Please contact me via email or a message here if you have not received your partners. I will be sending a flickr group invite via email on 3/31. Thanks! Happy Swapping!

Alrighty then. One swap down, another one ready to roll.

I am super excited to announce that I am hosting a "Sweet Little Birds Swap".
I have done these hanging bird swaps before *see pics below* and had so much fun with it!! I was so very fortunate to receive such an adorable cast of winged characters over the course of the swaps from my very talented swap partners, each little bird possessing his/her very own unique personality, charm and appeal. No two are alike. They're like snowflakes (note to self, a snowflake swap should be in the making!!). :-)

So, here's the scoop:

*Sweet Little Birds Swap*

(above is our official badge, please feel free to post it to your blog.)

General: You will be assigned 3 different partners for this swap. To each partner, you will be sending one handmade bird ornament directly.

Size: Your ornaments should be (approximately) 3" to 6" in size. This is a general guideline, just so there is some sense of uniformity and expectation. If you really, REALLY want to make the world's smallest bird, not able to be seen with the naked eye, or simply have to have an albatross, then go for it. I'm not a whip cracker, just a general guideline giver (pushover).

Materials/Techniques: You can use any other medium that you can readily use/embellish to create a handmade sweet little bird (cardboard, fabric, papier-mache, wood, styrofoam, clay, wire etc.). Some of the major craft stores sell sweet little precut wooden bird ornaments that you can use to decoupage, adorn and embellish. Please be sure your bird is sturdy, but not too heavy, as these will be hung. You can make your birds realistic or abstract, pretty or funky, vintage or modern... use your imagination and allow it to run wild. Just be sure your ornament is shaped like a bird. Sew, paint, creative, anything goes! Since these are ornaments, please be sure to incorporate a way for your bird to hang. Also, be sure to decorate both sides of your birds as once they are hanging, both sides will be on display. Lastly, be sure to attach a removable tag with your name and any contact information you wish to include, so your recipient can graciously thank you for all your hard work.

What to do with your finished birdies? Do you really need to ask? :-) Beyond the obvious: squealing with delight upon seeing them, holding them tenderly and showering them with kisses....(Oh, am I alone here? Come on. Anyone? Ok, embarrassing. Clears throat.)... Once you do collect all your hens and chicks, you'll need to find a perfect spot to hang them. I've always hung mine from ribbons above my three year old daughter's bed. Amelia loves gazing at them each night as she drifts off to slumberland. I may steal these this time though to hang in my office/studio space. Shhh. Don't tell Amelia!! :-) But, really they are adorable anywhere. I like the thought of bringing in a driftwood-esque branch to prop in a vase and then hang them from. You could spray paint the branch a fun bright turquoise, lacquer red or maybe just a simple white, then dangle your birdies from your "tree".

Who can play? Anyone!! Swap is open to International & US Swappers.

UPDATED Deadline to Sign Up: March 25th

UPDATED Partners to be Sent via Email By: March 28th

UPDATED Deadline to Mail: April 16th

How do you sign up? Comment here &/or email me using the "email me" link here on my blog.

Please spread the word!! The more the merrier!! Tell them a little bird sent you!!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds fun.I still haven't heard from you about the Mother goose swap.Could you email me the info at


Popsicles & Lollipops said...

I resent your email to this new address (and again to the old address you originally gave me). I am your partner. I felt a little Darth Vader-ish saying that. Like I needed a James Earl Jones voiceover! :-)
I'm excited to swap with you!!

Kai said...

Well, I already told you via last night's email that I DOOOOOO want to play, but I'll say it again HERE! I love this idea! What's NOT to love about sweet little birdies? So count me in, please!

Cris Cunningham said...

Oh now you KNOW I have to do this one! I LOVE birdies!!! Looking forward...xoxo

Leslie Patton said...

Oh please sign me up for this one!! I love birds! This will be

Jade said...

What's a bird swap without chikaustin? Hehehe... Count me in! I'm all over it!

karen said...

Just wanted to confirm that I have everyone who commented here down for the birds swap!! I am sooo very happy to have you all!! I have Kai, Cris, Leslie & Jade's addresses. Elizabeth I am not sure if you want to join us or not. I will email you to check. Can't wait to see your flighty, fluttery sweet little birds!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Count me in. You have my contact info! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Miss Sandy said...

I'd love to join in this swap! Cindy is Crafty sent me over, er, rather pulled me over to the dark side ~ I told her I was stopping swapping for a bit and she sent me and email saying, Swap! Swap! Swap! and her chant worked! Seriously, this swap is right up my alley, can't wait to join in!

My email address is:

My blog is:
Quill Cottage


Anonymous said...

I was sent over from Quill Cottage I don't have a blog does it matter? I would love to be included in this swap. Vicki Page

Laurie said...

Please put me in this swap. I will be out of town for a week but I'm sure I can come up with 3 birds.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! I would love some new birdies.

Anonymous said...

sign me up! i would love some new birds.

Susan said...

I saw this on Cindy is Crafty. I would love to join!

I also swap on Swap-bot under the name qmock if you need to check my feedback! (That is Q as in Queen - not G as in goat :) )

I love birds. This should be great fun.

Elizabeth said...

I am thinking that this will be an awesome swap.I have some great ideas that I am brainstorming ! Sign me up!

OneHotDish said...

I know it's the last day to sign up so I hope there's room for more! I'd love to be involved, my baby is due in June and needs some little birds for a mobile!

The Rozell Family said...

i did not receive a partner for the bird swap. I signed up awhile back.

emily rozell