Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bon Appetit McLovin

So, last night I made this chicken curry from Bon Appetit. It was very good and I highly recommend it, but with a couple of suggestions based on my tweaking...

Having thumbed through the reviews I saw many labeling the recipe as "bland" which was not what I was shooting for, so I upped the ante (and the curry paste) and used about 1 & 1/2 the amount called for. This, I found, was a bit too much. So now I know to use 2 teaspoons which is just over and be done with it. I didn't have shallots, so I used yellow onion, and thought it tasted fine. I also added in one potato which I put in along with the chicken and peppers. You may want to saute it with your shallots to let it soften a bit sooner. I didn't have red peppers, so I used green bell peppers. I also forgot to get basil, and as my basil plant is no longer with the living, I ended up using some fresh cilantro really more as a garnish than a flavor profile. Be sure to season at the end. We served ours atop basmati rice.
I served the curry with some English cucumbers sliced paper thin and seasoned with rice wine vinegar and granulated sugar. This was just the sort of cool we needed to tame down the spice.

Quick and easy and quite yummy too!!

Someone recently asked me how I find time to blog. It's because I let my house look like this....

It seems Amelia has taken much design inspiration from her own dear mother. Our look needs only one name, like Cher or Madonna. It is called "clutter". I am trying my best to cultivate a new look. Each day is a work in progress. And yes the blue blankie above needs a washing. Amelia wiped up spilled milk then placed it on her doll to sleep with. Even I don't do that.

What's funny is how Amelia at newly turned three is already in tune to blogging. She reminds me throughout the day to take pictures to document fun events or creations we have made. She'll say..."Mommy, don't forget to take a picture." She'll also point out "Kodak moments" that I may not have noticed. "Oh look how cute Cooper is. Take his picture Mommy!". She also has a vain streak as she will point out how cute she looks as well and demand I be her personal paparazzi. They absorb so much. Little sponges they are! (Yikes. Am I turning into Yoda?)

And I leave you with me as McLovin. If you haven't McLovin-ed yourself or your significant other, you really need to. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, then you need to watch Superbad.


Susan said...

Hey, my house looks like that too!

Jade said...

Hey, how'd you get a picture of my house? I've got all kinds of clutter and chaos.

lindsey clare said...

hey Karen. i sent a couple of photos to you for Scent of Water's photoswap. just wondering if you've received them yet...? i hope you have!

also, this is quite strange, but my husband's family come from Pensacola FL!