Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunny Sundays

Today it was all about nature. One of these days I've got to finally be able to shake hearing Pauly Shore saying "Nay-Chur" whenever I utter the word. Please let that day come soon.
I feel so much better when I'm able to get out on a trail and be immersed in flora and fauna.
Unfortunately we have very few local nature trails where we live...there are more nearby for day trips, but sometimes time doesn't allow such luxuries, so we end up closer to home trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible into short amounts of time.
We headed to the local university nature trail, which is sadly quite littered and polluted. I can't for the life of me figure out why people do this? I mean really. You decide you want to enjoy nature so you make the effort to hit the trail only to toss out your Mountain Dew Code Red bottle and Doritos packaging into the same water you see little creatures swimming in? So very, very frustrating.
Now that I'm off my pulpit, here are some of my favorite photos of our morning stroll--

The sun was so warm on our skin, the breeze just right and the light really lovely. If you haven't already and are able (weather permitting), I encourage you to pack up a picnic or take your crafting materials outside, lay out a blanket and enjoy the outdoors. It's ok if the sun makes you drowsy and you doze off. Nap a little or just sit & daydream a while. I won't tell.

P.S. Then do like me and order yourself a big yummy Greek pizza filled with lots of Gyro, feta and onions!! Yum!


Susan said...

Great photos! We had some (uncharacteristic) snow today, and now we're back to the (very characteristic) rain. We'll take advantage of the sun as soon as it shows its face.

Abbie said...

Hi Karen!
I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog! It is wonderful! Lovely pictures.. we are buried in snow here in NH. thank you for the sunshine and glimmer of spring!