Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Swappity- Swap Swaps

I hope you aren't tired of me just yet. I am most certainly not tired of you. :-)
Indulge me. I know I just blogged about the great swaps I received just the other day.
But then I got more. And I can't blog about some and not mention them all. There's just wayyyyy too much jealousy to contend with. And I don't mean from the swap senders. Oh no. Not them at all. But the swap objects. Ohhhhh yes. They talk. Boy do they talk. It's a real hen house. One Easter basket is bragging on and on because it contained the adorable garland, while the other one is like "Hold on to your vintage embellishments, Sister Sledge. I am holding so much mixed media collage-y goodness that if you were to stick it all on, you just might get your mug featured on the homepage of etsy." It gets ugly. I try my best to stay out of it.

(In order of receipt), I received my spring soiree collage swap from my random selected partner, Kathy. Thank you. Isn't she sweet? I don't see a blog address to link to for Kathy. Kathy if you are out there and come across this post, please email me your link. If you'll recall, this was my creation. I was so pleased to find that my bloggy friend, Mary Ann received my collage. I am happy she likes it. :-)

Next, I received a beautiful Easter basket for our Bella Enchanted Easter Basket swap from Miss Priscilla. Thank you!! Priscilla is a definitely a detail & presentation gal. Everything was just perfect & so pretty!! Lots of wonderful packets of ephemera and candy and she even threw in some treats for my kids. What a sweetheart you are Priscilla. Your basket is hopping down the bunny trail to you very soon, Miss P!

So, anyone want to come over and share some sweet treats? Please don't make me eat all of these alone. Because you know I will. So hurry on over. Quick like!

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