Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogarage Sale (Please help me clean house!)

Some people are spring cleaners. I'm more of a New Year's gotta get organized type.
While it is in the spirit of renewal, I think it's more a habit derived from necessity. Those after Christmas/End of the Year clearances get me every time. A little spent here and a little there, adds up to a whole lot everywhere. Plus there's all the new Christmas booty to make room for. So, time to purge. Hence, the "Blogarage Sale"!

I have some cute mostly vintage things that I thought I would offer up here first, in hopes that they would make their way to a like-minded feathered nest somewhere in blogland. I will be adding ongoing until I feel like I can breathe in my house once again.

As I am just getting back into blogging this past week or so, I don't have many popping by for visit just yet, so if you run into this post, and see something you don't need, but think someone else might like, please send them my way!

Blue & White Bell Dolls-
Minaiture porcelain blue & white doll bells. These are not vintage. They are each labeled "Hand Painted" and "Made in China". There is a little bead that acts as a bell on a string. These measure approximately 2.5" tall and 2" wide at their widest.
I have about 50 of these. I bought a case at a flea market and had a project they were to be used for, that I ended up opting to go in a different direction with, after I bought them. So they've been sitting here, wanting to be used. Could be cute for mixed media, shadow box type projects etc.
$2 each or 2 for $3. Will further discount for greater quantities and am happy to give you an exact count for anyone who wishes to buy all. Nominal shipping to be calculated once I know how many you need. Just post a comment if you are interested! :-)

Please, don't ask me why I would use a prismacolor for scale, other than it was handy and I was feeling lazy. I realize not everyone has a prismacolor handy (or has even ever been near one) to know how big it is. My brain isn't always turned on.

Mr. Tomato-
Mr. Tomato has had a bit of a rough life. I think he was a drinker at some point (he has a penchant for a nip or two of the tarragon infused vinegar from what I hear), but I digress. While he's a little bumped and bruised from his years of hard living, he's quite charming and his life experiences have really been, well, character building. He is a little uncomfortable divulging his weight as he's put on a few pounds over the holidays, but I did take his measurements while he was sleeping: 5" tall by 5.5" wide. He has a nice little cleft (hook) at his chin where he'll be happy to have a friend hang out and keep him company. He is of sturdy constitution being made of chalkware and has a built in hanger on his back.

$8 plus nominal shipping. Post here if you'd like to take him home.

Hip Modern Egg Cups-

Set of 6 plastic brightly colored egg cups. I love the design. I of course had to take a picture with the monochromatic look, then the mix & match (but I did like every combination of the mix and match. It was fun, but I'll spare you the photo of every combination. Perhaps that should be the bonus question of the day. How many combinations can you concoct with these egg cups when mixing and matching the colors?) These are in excellent condition. What you see is what you get. No hidden surprises to note.
$12 for the set + nominal shipping. Post here if you'd like 'em. Won't they be cute for a retro or mid-century mod Easter table?

Alice Light Switch Cover-
And last, but not least, for today. I am not sure of the technique in which this is made, but it's a very cute, copper backed, glossy coated over the top of a painted front, light switch cover with a cute version of Alice the waitress delivering burgers & shakes at her diner. Works for a light switch with a single switch only. Measures: 6.5" in circumference. And light switch itself measures about 4" in from left hand side with about 2.25" left over on the right of the switch.
Great for a kitchen/pantry/dining room space!
$10 + nominal shipping. Post in comments if this will look perfect and you know just the place for it.

Thank you for browsing my first Blogarage Sale. I plan to offer up lots more where this came from, so do check back. 'Ya hear?


Genevieve Olsen said...

I would buy something from you, but then I would have to figure out where to put it hehe! I hope
that you are having a nice week!

KarenHarveyCox said...

I am also in one of those get organized moods. Only because our snowy weather keeps me housebound most days. Your little blue china people are tempting, but my chochkas seem to have given birth. Every time I put something away, it seems I find more things to sort through. Blessings, Karen

prairie daze said...

just found you and i would gladly take those egg cups! please! unless they are already spoken for...

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Ms. Prairie Daze (cousin (once removed) of Prairie Dawn, no doubt) :-)-
These egg cups are yours. Finders, keepers! I left you a message on your blog telling you that my cups are wanting to "runneth over" to see you!
Thanks for giving my wayward items a good home! :-)