Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cutting Curls

Part of me still regrets it. There is another part of me that is happy to not dread brushing tangles out EVERY day to the sound of tears and shrieks. But there is the part of me that wants to embrace my baby and never let her, or any child, grow up. And I associate sweet curls with babyhood. Once they're gone, your baby is somehow now grown up.

Little Ladybird's hair has always been her signature. Long, gingery auburn curls that when slept on just the right way, would wake up looking like a big 80's Cindy Crawford supermodel mane.
But it was tangly. Not just any tangly. The kind of tangles that become so ensnared, combs enter, but they don't come out. And she would run at the sight of me, even with "No More Tears" in hand, she would run and hide, then squeal and scream when caught.

Eventually I grew tired. And the curls were looking long and tired. So out came the scissors. Ladybird was actually fine with it. I was the one who had been holding on for too long. She had actually been asking quite regularly to have her hair cut like a poodle's. Don't ask. So, I cut and cut and then said, how about some bangs? So I cut some more. Actually I thought the curls would spring to life and be bouncing and behaving, just shorter versions of their former selves. But I was wrong. Once I cut, they just came off. They sprang nowhere, then just fell to the floor. I scooped them up quickly, not wanting to lose the slightest wisp so that I could preserve them for posterity in the baby book. At first I tried admiring my (sloppy & uneven, thanks to a won't sit still, three year old) handiwork. After all, Ladybird looked cute as a button. What was not to like? Then I cried. What had I done? I fretted. Could I glue them back on? I mean Ladybird looked cute and all, but almost a little too grown up for me. All of a sudden she was exuding "kindergartener". I lamented robbing her of her beautiful curls. And then a crazy thought leapt to mind. Maybe I could wake up and curl it each day to mimic those carefree, natural curls I had just cut to the floor. Yes! Then, reality set in and I realized I was me, and that would never happen. I think the last time I curled my own hair was over twenty years ago and it was like, once. For prom.

So, I've come to terms with Ladybird's new straighter, shorter hair. And there are perks. She can see better whenever she pleases. Even without barrettes! And now we have no more tears without no more tears.

Ladybird just before:

And after:

See? Still cute as can be and happy about it...oh wait! What's this?

Perhaps she's had a change of heart. :-)

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Genevieve Olsen said...

Little ladybug is so sweet, curls or no curls! I go through the screaming as I brush 4 times a day now that my 7 year old has taught my 2 year old that getiing your hair brushed means scream and yell really loud whether it hurts or not, hehe! I love your blog we have quite a bit in common! I am glad you joined the swap! More swap details to follow! Have a great weekend!