Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogarage Sale 2 & Salsa Soureal

*Handsome Mr. Picador Torero Matador*
Always daring, exuding much machissimo, Mr. P.T. Matador will not only mesmerize bulls with one wave of his red cape, but you as well, when he gazes at you with his piercing blue eyes.

Glossy hand painted ceramic, and hand made to boot. Signed on bottom by its creator, known simply as, "Gwen". This handsome, rugged athlete/artiste measures 11" tall x 5.5" wide at his broadest (where the cape flares).
He has a couple of nicks here and there such as on the sleeve of his jacket and on his mantera (hat), which surely must have occurred in the ring. He is no worse for the wear, and actually even better for it, in my book.

$12 + nominal shipping via USPS-
Just email me or comment here if you'd like him to come and live with you at your humble abode.

I have some more fun things to add to the sale, but will do so tomorrow, as I am feeling lazy about taking measurements. Can't things just measure themselves? It would really make my life easier.

Speaking of lazy, I also wanted to own up to something a bit gross that is a result of my winter sloth.
I ate this today.

What is it you ask?
You know how some people like chili with crushed saltines on top? Well, this is that meal's less popular relative. What? Is this a recipe? Ummmm. No. "Oh, you came up with this on your own? How creative!" Well, I am happy you think so, but in reality, this is what happens when you open a bag of tortilla chips found in the pantry only to find broken teensy-tiny crumb remnants, left lovingly for you by your husband and children, peering up at you with squinted eyes from the bottom of the bag. And if you, like I was, are desperately craving chips & salsa and have no corn tortillas to make fresh chips, and are too lazy to get dressed and go to the store, you too, may decided to dump the rest of the bag into a bowl and then pour salsa over it. Sort of like tortilla chip cereal with salsa milk. Pretty gross, right? Well, the amazing and semi-embarrassing thing was that it actually tasted good. Not to say that I'd recommend it. Or on second thought, maybe I would, just when alone. :-)

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