Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yesterday, Still on Christmas Break

This week we are still on extended Christmas break, well some of us. Mr. P & L and my oldest are back at work and school, respectively, but the two little ones and I are awaiting preschool to start back up, so we've been trying to busy out little (and big) hands and stay out of trouble.

Yesterday we did a cornucopia of projects, alot of which took place outside since we had a burst of spring-like weather. We actually saw many butterflies flitting about and paired with the camellias in bloom, and us wearing shorts, I actually got the urge to start tilling the garden and planting. Then it dawned on me that I was jumping the gun, so we set to crafting instead.

I always enjoy them, but right now have really been getting great satisfaction from recycled crafts including those which recycle our pantry goods. I guess it has to do with January being the time for renewal and organization. We took all our still good, but bordering on stale foods out and got to sorting. Then came the fun part, when I pulled out the kitchen mallet and let Ladybird & Coop go to town crushing ramen noodles & banana chips into itsy bitsy pieces to pair with the craisins, dried apricots, sunflower seed kernels etc. We defrosted some mini bagels, that came to us courtesy of the dark depths of the back of our freezer , then set to lassoing them with kitchen string, spreading them with peanut butter and alternately sprinkling (Ladybird) or dredging (more like stomping but with fists: Coop) them into our noodle/seed/fruit/nut mixtures. We also dotted on some berries from the yard (only after checking to see that they were safe for birdie consumption). We now have some very happy birds coming by to visit and a super easy craft to do that both a 1 and 3 year old can participate it.

I think the best part of this craft was that when we went to hang our birdie bagels out in our maple tree Ladybird shouts out in sheer delight, "Look Mommy! A cocoon!" Mind you, she just turned three on December 30th, so I was quite impressed. Both with her keen eyesight, as she spotted it across the yard (I had to squint and refocus more than once to see the same sight) and that she didn't just think it a leaf, but a cocoon, and she was right! We tried our best to peer inside (delicately bending the limb, be careful not to touch the cocoon) and I thought I saw the tips of wings just within. Mr. P & L thinks I am seeing things, but that's nothing new. *grin*

Speaking of those camelias earlier (yes, way back up the page), we brought some in to adorn our Big Lots votive cups. $.79 each (cheaper than the dollar store, thank you very much). How 'bout them apples? Oh, and speaking of apples, don't you love setting them out for Valentine's or Christmas?

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