Monday, January 7, 2008

The Magic Garden

So, this Christmas, Santa gifted us...sweeping epic musical soundtrack here for effect...

"THE MAGIC GARDEN" (Voiceover by Charlton Heston). *Thank you, Mr. Heston*

I, I mean Santa, had to buy it, because it's so darn, well, uh........magical.
And it is. (was. read on.)

The process is quite simple. The parts are constructed of paper that readily wicks the clear crystal growing fluid. The hardest thing about the entire assembly process was getting the paper to stay in the assigned slots (which I now know led to its ultimate & learn). In hindsight I would recommend you glue the pieces with a small dot of super or goriila glue to the actual plastic base before you add the crystal fluid, I can not confirm whether this would have any negative effects on the crystal production, but would think not.) The instructions were easy to follow & it was easy to identify & match each piece to the diagram on the instruction sheet. The whole project took just minutes to put together. The very last step is pouring in the liquid. You should know that you only pool the crystal fluid by pouring it directly into the plastic tray reservoirs. You do not have to pour it over the top of the paper pieces themselves. This probably is obvious, but as it wasn't stated on the instructions, I would hate for someone to get confused. The hardest part of all this, the waiting game. Crystals, oops I mean cherry blossoms, are purported to start appearing within 3 hours. I found this to be true, but on the longer side, almost three hours exact, so don't get too antsy. Over the next 10 hours, the garden really blooms and comes to life. It's quite amazing and really breathtaking. All three of my kids (ages 1-12) were all wowed by it. I couldn't help but keep thinking how cool it was and I only paid $4.95 for it- unbelievable. I hate to even mention a negative, but my only disappointment with this entire experiment, was that our trees tipped over, not once but several times, knocking off crystals, and making us throw it away much sooner than I wanted to. I am thinking these will make great neighborhood children's gifts for next Christmas tossed in with some things for Mom & Dad too.

If you'd like to try a magic garden, you can order one here-

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