Saturday, January 26, 2008

Teeth, Fairies, Pillows & Patchwork

So lately I have been wanting to make all things patchwork. I started first with little tooth fairy pillows-
and have since moved on to miniature dollhouse quilts, sofa pillows, big doll quilts, regular quilts and patchwork Barbie clothes. Where I will stop, nobody knows. I love vintage fabrics and have waayyy too many for any one person. My hoarding in this department borders a bit on the maniacal. I have been stockpiling for much too long, after taking an extended sewing hiatus. It's nice to find piecework projects to really blend everything together for fun colorful, pattern-filled, unique statements. And it's such a good feeling to use your stash, and a good variety of it, and see it come to life in all its various forms.
Each tooth fairy pillow is replete with a felt tooth shaped pocket for tucking away that little tooth safely until the fairy comes to replace it with a shiny silver dollar or other magical gift.
Measures 7" x 6.5" (just right for little hands). Filled with new hypo-allergenic polyfil.
If you'd like this particular pillow, just leave a comment or email me-
$12 + nominal shipping.

The front of me

The back of me

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Lucy said...

Cute pillow--I, too, have taken a massive sewing hiatus and currently have more stash of fabric than I can use in a million years at this rate! I need to just buckle down and start making things (after I get a new sewing machine that